Dear Trail Rider,

When you first open the program please "Create an Account" Fill in all information and enter "Create" Login with your email and password. The program opens to the "Home" page- a map of

  • Trails,
  • Equine Veterinary Hospitals and
  • Overnight Stables. Just to the right of "Home" is a zoom arrow. This allows you to zoom in to your current location. (shown on the map by a blinking blue dot)

Tapping on trail

  icon will show name of place. Tapping on arrow at right will open to a description page. On this page you will be able to read Name, Description and list of Amenities.You will also be able to Rate and Review or Reportit to be removed. There is also a tab to view Photos
(photos may take time to load - depending on cell service)

On this page you are also able to "Get Directions" .This will give you directions to the staging area from your location.

Adding Trails:

From the Home page, tap the plus + sign at the top right of the page. This will open up a map with a red pin. Tap the red pin and either drag the pin to the trail staging area or if your current location is at the red pin, open by tapping blue arrow on right. On the Add Detail page you have a choice of Type.The drop down box is:

  • Horse Trail
  • Veterinary Office
  • Overnight Stable

Note : Horse Trail adds to map immediately, Veterinary Office and Overnight Stable needs administrative permission.
For Trail Enter Name; Enter Description; Tap green + button to add photos.
Please take Photos of Entrance, or Staging Area or Trail Type.

Check mark pertinent Amenities. And "Save" top right.

When saving- may take a while due to uploading photos- please be patient. Or you may opt to email photos to me at a later date.

Please email photos to :

include, Name of Trail and / or screenshot of Trail.To take a screenshot. Open home page, tap trail to give Name and Lat/Long. Hold down power off button, top right of phone and push "home" button. A picture of your screen will be saved in "Photos" .Up to 3 photos can be added to trails.

After Save- go back 2 screens to get to Home screen to see your added trail. Important - Please test and add a trail. Just be sure you name the trail "Test" So I know to Delete it.Another way is to Report the trail. (Found on Description page) This will Flag Trail for Removal and turn the trail icon Red. We want to add good trails on the map and encourage others to visit those trails. Make them as accurate as possible.

If you are adding an Equine Veterinary Office or Overnight Stable, from the Home page, tap the + sign. At the Add Location, type the Address and City of the place you are entering and tap "Go". The Red pin should drop at that location. Tap the Red pin and open by tapping blue arrow. Change Type to Veterinary Office or Overnight Stable. The Detail screen changes to allow for address, city, etc. As well as Phone # and Web Page. Please note: Add Country code, Area code, and Phone number. This will allow folks to tap and dial number from the Horse Trail Program.

Example: 1(XXX)XXX-XXXX

Up to 6 photos can also be added. Veterinarians, Employees, Buildings, are some examples of photos. Tap "Save" - Once approved by administrator it will be added to the map.Also on Home Page is a "Text Your Location" button. Either enter cell number or tap contact button on right to open phone book. Note : For text - must have country code. For US that's a 1 in front of Area Code and Number. When you tap Send - it goes to your text messaging on iPhone. At this point you can write more into the text messaging box and tap the "Send" Button again. It goes back to message screen, tap Home to go back.
I know there are extra steps here, we are working on cleaning that up, but for now it works.

Our Disclaimer here is that this is for entertainment purposes only. This is only as accurate as your phone's ability to pick up a GPS signal etc. However, use it as needed to let someone know your location.

Send it to yourself so you can see how it works. The recipient receives a Lat/Long that is Blue in text message. When tapped, it opens into Google maps and can give directions to your location. Send to friends to meet you on a trail.

See you on the Trail,
Wendy Belt.