A whole new way to get out to those new trails to ride. This is an application that continues to grow via user input. This enables the user to add local trails and to find trails added by other users. Using a "rating" and "review" keeps information up to date and a "report" can be used if the trail is no longer available or safe.

Each Trail Listing Includes:

  • Map Style Directions To Staging Area
  • Description Of The Trails Scenery and Difficulty
  • List Of Amenities Available for Horse and Rider
  • Option To Upload Photos and Descriptions Of Your Own Adventures
  • Locations of Equine Vets in Proximity To The Trail You Are On.

  We are also very excited to have a feature that will : "TEXT YOUR LOCATION" this will enable you to text your coordinates to a friend or relative. ( This truly came in handy after a fall on the trail)

  And.. Locations of overnight stables in case you love the trail and want to ride it another day or in case of a breakdown and you need a home away from home for yourself and your horses.